My rescued cat isn’t damaged – she’s gorgeous!

by Heena Modi on February 19, 2008

My beloved friend Biggie

Biggie is my cat. I rescued her from the Mayhew Animal home less than 2 years ago. She was at the Battersea Dogs home until she and her mum, Small, were rescued by another owner. This owner, however, passed away so they ended up at the Mayhew.

I had put my first ever pet to sleep about 1 year before that but I felt it was time to help another unwanted or rescued animal.

I went to visit the home a few times. This time it was different. I wanted to provide a home to two cats. I remember that although Brutus was happy he did not have any ‘cat company’ and because he was an indoor cat, I felt quite bad for him.

Anyway for this reason, I wanted to rescue some siblings, parent and child or two different cats that could be paired together. The Mayhew would pair them for a while and test whether it was a good match or not before letting me take them. This is great because you don’t want to end up taking two cats home and then finding out they really can’t live together!

This made finding the ‘right cats’ take longer.

Anyway one day I got a call from a member of their staff telling me about Small (mum) and Biggie (her daughter) . I went to see them and thought they were gorgeous and wanted to take them home within minutes.

It is very easy to want a pet after seeing how much love they can give, how much fun they are and the great photos that can be taken of them. However, as you’ve seen in the ads and campaigns there’s more to owning a pet than that. The owner needs to think about: ~

  1. Money for food and cat litter for example
  2. Hygiene re pet hair
  3. Transporting the animal/s to and from the vets or animal home
  4. Buying a carrier to transport the animal
  5. Who will care for it/them and feed them when you’re on holiday
  6. Can it/they survive when you’re at work
  7. Will there be issues regarding compatibility with others in your home e.g. children or other pets
  8. Do you have the patience when you’re tired and your pet/s needs the human touch
  9. Insurance for your pet/s

These are just a few things to consider. I am sure I have left a few out.

Anyway after considering many things Biggie and Small came home with me. Unfortunately Small was getting old and because she was so poorly I had to put her to sleep within 6 months of her being with me. I am just glad that she was comfortable and happy with me during the months prior to that.

Biggie has managed to settle down after the loss of her mother and she is gorgeous. Yes she’s 13 years old. Yes she’s a rescued animal. No she’s not a kitten and may not have years and years with me BUT she’s gorgeous!

Here’s some photos of Biggie and Small together

Biggie and Small together

Biggie loving sleeping on the tiles as the underfloor heating is on! 🙂

Biggie on her own

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