I wrote this after my father passed away. It was a confusing and traumatic time for my family. Writing was a great tool for me. It helped me understand, face up to and release my emotions. Although I may have felt sad when I wrote or afterwards; I nearly always felt liberated too! 🙂

Death. One-day life changes

Fewer places to set at the table
Fewer seats taken in the car
One less person to cook for
One less person to eat with
One less person to look after
One less person to share things with
One less birthday to celebrate
One less anniversary
One less parent’s day (if they were a parent)
Less future memories with them
No less memories of the past with them


Are they still here?
Are they watching over us?
Are they helping us?
Are they holding us?
Are they giving us strength?
Are they manipulating us?
Are they fulfilling wishes which death robbed them of?
Are they finding their path to peace through us?
Are they learning the answers to questions they never dared ask?
Are they protecting us?
Will we ever know?
Will we ever see them again?
Were they not a soul in a body which was simply a tool to help us SEE that soul?
The body has died.
The soul has not.
So how do we recognise them now?
With a feeling?
A sensation?
A special energy?

Heena R. Modi – http://www.deadpractical.com/category/poem/

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