Hats off to carers

I hadn’t realised what a selfless job carers do until I had the opportunity to care for my Grandmother for a short period of time. I do not think that this brief experience allows me to say I’ve been a carer, nor do I claim to fully understand what they Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

The fruits of gossip.

Recently I’ve been bothered by the destructive impact of gossip. I’ve witnessed those I love tie themselves in knots because a ‘friend’ of theirs told them something negative that their common friend said about them. So Fred, Sandip and Heena are friends. Fred said something to Sandip about Heena. Sandip Read more

By Heena Modi, ago
Being proactive

The rest of our lives

Here are some scenarios which could have a serious impact on the rest of your life and/or the lives of others. ~~~~~~~ One mistake and the many consequences that can result from it, Choose the wrong path and end up in a cage, Within a few moments you could be Read more

By Heena Modi, ago