Right vs. wrong

Today I predicted something, I let it go, I let it be & I waited, to see. When the event had finished, I realised I had progressed, I didn’t want to say ‘I told you so!’ I guess. That’s good, But still… More fool me! More progress is needed, you Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

Why do you bully me?

Why me? What have I done? Why do you tease me? Why do you laugh at me? Why do you target me? Why do you harm me? Why do you terrorise me? Am I not the same as you? Are we not both human? Don’t you also want peace? Don’t Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

Academy Status – How, why and what does it mean for us?

How and why? The Government is¬†gradually¬†integrating Children’s Centres into connected Primary Schools by ensuring that their¬†budget¬†and funding is now¬†¬†accessed¬†through¬†the school. Children’s Centres are being more closely scrutinised with¬†respect¬†to their value for money! This ignored the value that they provide to the community which they serve AND their value to schools Read more

By Heena Modi, ago