Find out what happened after I experienced the sudden onset of a disability

16 September 2016

Disability “What? Disabled. You? No way! I don’t think you even know what it means!” That’s what I heard in someone’s voice when I was speaking to them about being what happened to me on Wednesday 14th September. I get it. There are so many opinions about what ‘counts’ as a disability and what doesn’t. Some […]

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Are you going through a blip in productivity right now? This might help get you back on track

16 August 2016

Why does productivity (or the lack of it) matter? I have been experiencing a huge dip in productivity recently, and I ended up feeling very negative about the things that I needed, and wanted, to do. This made me feel like a failure. I was overwhelmed with ‘the list’, and that made me not want to […]

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Might thinking about death (before it happens) be helpful?

14 July 2016

Why on earth did we start thinking about what happens after death when we’re so young? Suraj and I have experienced a few losses over the last few years. They’ve all taught us different things, but one of them in particular made us question what we wanted after we died. We realised that some had […]

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The disrobing of Draupadi

5 June 2016

What happened before Duryodhana tried to disrobe Draupadi The Pandavs and the Kauravs were two families who were related. Both fathers of these families were brothers. Draupadi was the daughter-in-law in the Pandav clan and Duryodhana was one of the many sons in the Kaurav family. Duryodhan and his brothers were invited for a royal gathering, […]

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Let’s unite to protect the children of our future. They need us now more than ever!

22 April 2016

National Union of Teachers’ Annual Conference I attended the National Conference a few weeks ago and was hugely moved by the speakers and the messages they shared. The fragility of the mental health of our students and staff was one of the issues that came through loud and clear. Below I’ve listed some of the […]

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The teacher becomes a student! Will she experience empathy or judgement?

22 March 2016

My first experience of skiing A friend of ours arranged for a group of us to go skiing. There were a range of abilities within the group. Some of us had never been skiing before, nor had we practiced on an artificial ski slope, others had been on an artificial slope but done nothing else, a few had been skiing […]

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Do we need proof to believe in ALL things?

26 February 2016

Do we need to experience something directly to have faith in it? I was listening to something yesterday, when it dawned on me that many of us have believe in the existence of things that we may not have directly heard, seen, touched, smelt or tasted. Although we lack the direct experience of it, we believe […]

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