The many faces we wear

11 February 2017

Observations that have left me feeling confused, lost and without hope How can you be so gentle and yet so harsh? Why are you assertive at times but weak when it matters? How can you switch from being talkative and engaging to silent and guarded? What makes you alternate between being enthusiastic and lifeless? You […]

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Find out what I realised when I had to ‘eat my own words’

15 January 2017

Have you ever been in a situation when someone argued a point so passionately, that you felt they wouldn’t ever budge from that decision? They were so adamant that for one minute, you wouldn’t even entertain the possibility that they would change their mind. They were so convincing that you thought their behaviour would be […]

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Why can’t they just get on with it, get over it, or find a way around it?

30 December 2016

Have you ever come across a situation and wondered why it’s a big deal? Why can’t they just suck it up and get on with it? Dismissing how someone feels Recently, I’ve realised how easy it is to dismiss other people’s feelings, and make what they’re experiencing appear insignificant. I have witnessed and felt some of the […]

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Is what you’ve been through a reminder of suffering or triumph?

16 December 2016

I had written a very different version of this article a few weeks ago, and I’m so glad that I didn’t publish it. It was full of negativity! I’ve had some time to reflect on the events that took place, and they way I felt about them; and that made make an effort to change […]

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Find out what happened after I experienced the sudden onset of a disability

16 September 2016

Disability “What? Disabled. You? No way! I don’t think you even know what it means!” That’s what I heard in someone’s voice when I was speaking to them about being what happened to me on Wednesday 14th September. I get it. There are so many opinions about what ‘counts’ as a disability and what doesn’t. Some […]

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Are you going through a blip in productivity right now? This might help get you back on track

16 August 2016

Why does productivity (or the lack of it) matter? I have been experiencing a huge dip in productivity recently, and I ended up feeling very negative about the things that I needed, and wanted, to do. This made me feel like a failure. I was overwhelmed with ‘the list’, and that made me not want to […]

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Might thinking about death (before it happens) be helpful?

14 July 2016

Why on earth did we start thinking about what happens after death when we’re so young? Suraj and I have experienced a few losses over the last few years. They’ve all taught us different things, but one of them in particular made us question what we wanted after we died. We realised that some had […]

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