Academy Status – How, why and what does it mean for us?

How and why? The Government is gradually integrating Children’s Centres into connected Primary Schools by ensuring that their budget and funding is now  accessed through the school. Children’s Centres are being more closely scrutinised with respect to their value for money! This ignored the value that they provide to the community which they serve AND their value to schools Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

Oshwal vs. Navnat

This is a funny one. I didn’t really know the difference between the Oshwal and Navnat community, or that there is ill feeling between the two, until recently. I remember being around some members of Suraj’s family and having the Mickey taken out of me. How? They kept calling me Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

Why do we donate money?

In the Jain & Hindu community, members of the community often donate money for causes, for example, helping those who find it hard to survive, in India. We also donate to partake in certain pujas. They may do this in other faiths too & if you of such things please Read more

By Heena Modi, ago


I wrote this after overhearing or being present when people I knew were gossiping about who had got divorced or separated from who! As they speculated about why it had happened or whether they thought it was ‘on the cards’ or not; I remember feeling sad and repulsed at the Read more

By Heena Modi, ago