I have been having problems with my mail.

Post for someone else is being sent to my address and although the postcode stated on the mail is not the same as mine, it is delivered to me because the rest of the address is the same as mine.

For example, take the addreses 21 London Road, New York Road, LE7 QEH & 21 London Road, New York Road, LE7 OPR.

Although the postcode is different for each address, mails for both addresses are going to one address.

Well it’s all sorted now. Get it? Sorted? Sorting office, sorting of post…. ha ha ha 🙂

Anyway I sent an email to contactus@royalmail.com telling them about the issue and they have written back saying: –

Dear Miss Modi

Thank you for your email regarding the problems you have recently experienced with the incorrect delivery of mail. May I firstly apologise or any inconvenience you have been caused.

I am sorry to hear that we have delivered mail to….

Our priority is to provide a good quality service and we aim to handle all mail very carefully to make sure
that it is delivered safely and on time. Every item of mail is important to us, but mistakes can arise.

The service that you have received is totally unacceptable, and I have reported this incident to the manager of your local delivery office who will take action to make sure that this problem does not happen again.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this problem. I hope that you are satisfied with the action I have taken. If you still have concerns, please get back in touch quoting our reference number.

Ben Curtis
Customer Service Advisor

Postwatch is the Independent consumer body for the Postal Industry. They can be contacted by telephone on 08456 013265, or by writing to Freepost postwatch.


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