I wrote this after having a chat with a few different people about death, what happens to the soul of the deceased and whether they are around us or not.

According to Jainism the soul is reborn. Thus would it be a punishment to be lingering in this no man’s land? Or is it a blessing? Can they make things happen for you? Can they protect you? I feel comforted thinking that my dad is around me, seeing how I am, what I am doing, protecting me etc. But then I feel sad because if he’s ‘stuck’, in limbo; then I need to let him go and continue with whatever he now needs to go through. It’s difficult. Anyway with this in mind, I wrote the poem below.

What can we see?
What do we see?
Are they the same thing?

Why can children see things that we can’t?

Do you believe that children know when another presence is around them?
A child says that her dad is making the lights turn on and off in her bedroom.
How does she know?
Why do our minds become so closed?
Do we choose this path because we cannot cope with what we see?

Because it means we’re different to others around us?
Is it due to conditioning from our elders?
Do we eventually accept what we are told to believe/disbelieve in?

Can we ever return to the natural gifts that we were born with, to see those that have left us?
Do we all have this gift anyway?

Do we want this so called gift?
Who is it a gift from?
God or the devil?
Is it good or bad?
Are we better off on earth wherever death takes us, where perhaps, we have the ‘gift’ to see those we left behind on earth?
Is it better to be gone and continue to see what we have left or to remain on earth?
Surely they are both painful?
Different, yet the same.
Who knows until we get there.

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