Big deal, you’re pregnant! You can’t work? You’re tired?
I worked until I was 8 months into it!

You’ve got it hard stepping into someone else’s role?
At least you shadowed them for three months!

You had a miscarriage? You can’t cope? You need help?
I had one and had to carry on as normal!

You can’t manage the stress that your in laws cause?
I live with mine!

You haven’t got money to buy furniture straight away?
We never had the possibility of having that so we got second hand goods!

You have a problem with speaking clearly?
At least you can speak.

You haven’t got a car of your own?
You have a job and the money to travel by other means.

You don’t have a freezer?
You have a fridge and cooker so you have options. Make less, rather than extra eat. Eat it all so you don’t need to freeze leftovers. Eat fresh food instead of frozen.

You can’t have kids?
You can adopt a child who is here already and NEEDS love.

Have you ever been in this state of mind before? When you’ve had an answer for everything that shows the other person they are not that badly off? What does that do? If they need a kick up the…and they’re always whinging, it might help them focus on what they’ve got.

If this is not the case; it tells them they are making themselves out to be a victim unnecessarily and that they’ve got it made because YOU had it so bad! Even if you are right; does it take their suffering away? Does it mean their pain isn’t important?

Can you put a value on pain, suffering, feeling or hurt? Is compassion is what we all need more of?

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