I rescued Biggie from the The Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre a few years ago. She is gorgeous and it sounds weird but she’s been a stable friend in difficult times, as well as, being around in better times. I have heard some people say “…but she’s only an animal.” Regardless of her species, she is clever, compassionate intuitive, perceptive, observant, selfless and loving. When she knew things weren’t right she’d come and sit with me. She wouldn’t move. She wouldn’t want anything. She’d just be there. She’s gorgeous.

So you must be wondering about the title…

Recently I’ve been struggling with feeding her meat. More so than I was before. I think this is because I’ve been vegan for just over 2 years now. I have been following this diet because of my compassion towards animals. I dislike them being hurt whether it be through mistreatment or being killed for food or materials, such as, leather or pet food! I have rescued her but I struggle to feed her other animals which have been killed for food. I tried feeding her vegetarian cat food but she didn’t like it. Thus I resorted to feeding her meat again. This has niggled in my mind but there is another factor. A bigger factor. Strangely enough she loves the vegan dry food so I have bought that for her. A double positive – I feel better feeding it to her &she really enjoys the taste. 🙂

Lately we have been out and about more than before. On a general basis she’s happier because Suraj works from home and that’s often enough for her to feel content. However, life seems to have got busier and we are around less so she doesn’t get enough company. She deserves someone who can pamper her more, show her affection & love and care for her more than we can.

I contacted the The Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre but they would need to keep her there and then wait for someone to come along to give her a home. I couldn’t stand the idea of her being in a cage waiting.

I thought about our friend Sheila. In the past, when we have been away, rather than, putting Bigs in a cattery, we’ve employed Sheila to come and cat sit. She’s amazing! She’ll come and feed her, change her water, clear her litter out, spend some time with Biggie, brush her and do extra things like move the mail. So I thought of her and asked Sheila if she knew anyone. She said she’d ask around and she was so helpful. She really did think of many different ways to help us give Biggie a better quality of life.

I also asked a cat lover at school (work) but she has a cat already and one’s enough for her : )

Sheila and I were in touch a lot. Soon after beginning her search to help us, she got in touch with someone at the Cats Protection Society. I got in touch with a member of the society who said Biggie could be fostered with a family that they know very well and then re-homed when matched with a family who would love and want an older cat. There was one condition. Her vaccinations needed to be up to date.

We got her vaccinations done but I delayed contacting her. Funny! I actually lost her number. Anyway, I focussed on being selfless and got in touch with Sheila to get Sue’s number. It’s funny how things work out! The day Sheila emailed Sue’s number to me, Sue called to say they’ve been approached by a lady who’s had cats for much of her life. She’s older now and doesn’t go out much so she’s phoned to request an older cat that’s fond of being indoors! The perfect match. Sue’s been inundated with abandoned kittens and more, so she’s not managed to call me quickly and this lady has been ringing every day for 2 weeks asking when Bigs will be brought to her! : )

Suraj called her and we’ll be introducing Biggie with her knew companion very soon.

This has been a very difficult decision and I’m quite sure it’s not ‘hit home’ yet. Nevertheless, it is the best thing for Bigs and that is what I need to focus on.

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Small was Biggie’s mum. I rescued both of them together. Sadly, Small was unwell and had to be put to sleep. Nevertheless, the photos of them are gorgeous! 🙂

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Nishma Shah · May 28, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Good luck for tomorrow. we’re sure Biggie is going to enjoy her new home with her new lady friend. It was lovely to see her. Thank you.

Will be thinking of you all.
Nishma & Mahersh

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