Recently, a friend of mine was telling me that his neighbour was paying an electrician to come and change her light bulbs at £40 a visit.

She is an elderly lady who cannot work where she used to because her husband had a stroke and he needs full time care. She now works from home as a seamstress. This way she can do her work when she can and care for her hubby when he needs her.

Anyway my friend got talking to her when he saw this chap leaving and she told him what he had visited her for. He was horrified! All this because she can’t climb on chairs and do the necessary. Her hubby obviously can’t and they don’t know anyone who is close and can attend when they need things like this done.

I don’t blame the electrician. I’m sure others would charge more! It is a small job and after you’ve taken travelling into account, I guess he needs to make it worth his while.

Anyway my friend now does these things for her and for free!

It got me thinking. How many of us will be in a similar position as the years pass us by? So many of us live so far away from family who may help. So many of us don’t know our neighbours at all! What will happen to us?

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