My first ever eBook

So I have some news…

I created and launched an eBook, called The Way to a Vegan’s Heart: Delicious Recipes to Help You Eat Well, Cook Quickly and Feel Content. For those of you who are vegan or interested in cooking vegan meals for yourself, or vegan friends and family; this book has lots of quick and easy recipes, that will impress!

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Why did I put this eBook together?

I have heard many people say that they wouldn’t know where to begin if they went vegan, or that they find cooking a challenge, or that they aren’t creative enough to veganise recipes that they already know.

I firmly believe that food shouldn’t be a barrier to going vegan or staying vegan and I want this recipe book, to make cooking and eating, vegan food simple, fast and enjoyable. For this reason, the majority of the recipes take less than half an hour to make, without skimping on flavour!

Check out some of the reviews that have been left on Amazon and Facebook

For someone struggling with reconciling their ethics with their traditional dietary believes I found this book to be an inspiration. Its given me some great ideas for alternatives to my regular meals and as a personal trainer I will certainly be pointing my clients seeking a vegan shift towards this resource.

Simple and easy to follow yet highly interesting and delicious vegan recipes; neatly supplemented with a collection of feel-good quotes and common sense arguments for going vegan. Personal favourite would have to be the sweet and savoury banana!

I have been waiting for a book like this for years. Thank you Heena!

Download Plant Shift’s e-book by Heena R Modi. It is cheaper then a latte, sandwich, or plate of pani puri, but worth every penny and so much more with the collection of numerous quick & easy-to-make vegan meals made in 30mins or less.

Fantastic book, easy to follow. Modern exciting recipes to inspire you and to help you with that dreaded question ” What should we have for dinner?”
The author comes across as thoughtful and makes the recipes easy to work with her main intention is to make being vegan EASY not a chore! A must read. I cant wait to try all the recipes out of this book! They all sound so delicious and nutritious!!

Yummy yummy yummy! Lovely selection of vegan dishes which are easy to prepare. The soup recipes look tasty and I am going to try the kale crisps this weekend.
Nice and easy variety of receives for vegans and meat eaters wanting to eat non-meat healthy meals

This is a great addition to the library of vegan recipe books. Heena has put together a good range of mainly simple dishes which are rich in flavours and contain lots of twists on some old favourites. I’m looking forward to experimenting with them in the coming months!

Great ideas on how to create quick and healthy food. The book has plenty of new recipes that will excite your creativity!

Where can you buy The Way to a Vegan’s Heart from?

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I would love to hear your thoughts about the book

If you purchase this book, please let me know how useful it was by leaving a review on Amazon.
I will read all the reviews personally, so that I can use them to serve my readers better.

If you could choose between heartbreak or liberation, which would you choose?

Comparing how someone interacts with us and others

Can you recall a time when you saw someone whom you like, admire or love, show more affection to someone other than you?

Perhaps you saw them treat someone else better?

Did they speak to them with a glow on their face? One which you don’t receive often?

Did they have more patience for them, in comparison to how they are with you?

Was time of no importance, when they were with them, as opposed to, carving out a limited amount of time for you, when you need something?

Were they unable to contain how much they were looking forward to seeing them? Something you don’t experience when they’re arranging to meet with you?

The real, and often invisible, effect of comparing

Noticing these things can result in jealousy, resentment, anger, pain and heartbreak.

Can we make a different choice?

Instead of feeling negative emotions, could the experience be a positive one, which could lead to liberation?

Could events like this, provide us with an opportunity to realise, that we shouldn’t depend on how others treat us, to feel joy or satisfaction?
Could such occasions give us the chance to reduce our attachment towards others?
Could they become moments, which enable us to RISE in equanimity?

Possible strategies

  • Shift the focus back on me to see how variable I can be with different people.
  • Reflect on the times when I’ve behaved differently, or been less keen on being with certain people, because I was experiencing some sort of physical pain.
  • Recollect the times when I’ve craved being with someone but I couldn’t explain why.
  • Think back to occasions when my behaviour has varied because of the situation or setting.
  • Remember social occasions when I thought, spoke or reacted ‘unusually’ because of the make-up of the group.
  • Realise that I too fluctuate according to hormones, fear, feeling rejected and so on.

These examples show me that the way I think, speak and behave changes often. There are so many factors at play! On these occasions; others may think about how they perceived me before, in comparison to how I am at that moment, and they too, may be left confused. They may end up feeling uncertain about if and how they should speak, or behave, with me.

So I am not only experiencing situations like those described at the beginning of this post, but I am also causing them! 

Possible goals

  1. Strive to be more consistent
  2. Try to align my thoughts, speech and conduct
  3. Have compassion for myself when I don’t manage it
  4. Remember that others are no different, and understand that they too, are struggling with their own battles
  5. Change the way I interpret what I ‘see’, because this is what causes pain and suffering
  6. Instead of watching others and blaming them for fluctuating, can I use it as a way to remind myself about how I do the same, and identify the work I need to do?
  7. Can these occasions be a reminder that I should not trust, believe or expect everything around me to be permanent? I am not permanent, so how can everything and everyone else be?
  8. Hold on to these reminders to cultivate a positive, realistic shift in thought. To realise that our haven is within us. It is something which cannot be shaken unless we allow it to be.

It is possible for us to see each and every moment as an opportunity to progress, reflect, realise, detach and strive for purity.

Seema McArdle’s views on racism, homophobia, Islamophobia and xenophobia

7 May 2015

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15 April 2015

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15 March 2015

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What could possibly be wrong with going for a walk in the park and feeding the birds?

19 February 2015

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Do you dislike others reminding you about what you’ve said in the past?

12 January 2015

I wrote a post recently called Do I Change My Tune Quickly? This post is connected to that. I’ve often noticed how our reactions to being reminded about something that we have said can vary so much. Some of the reactions may include:- being taken aback by the fact that the person we spoke with remembered what we […]

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