As we approached the Church, I took photos to try and capture its elegance and simplicity.

We walked around it during Mass because it was bursting with people. Both doors had people spilling out of them. A lovely expression of devotion.

Mass was completed within a few minutes and we went inside.

There was a lot of noise, but when I was able to ignore the sounds around me, it was so blissful. During those brief moments, I was captured by the beauty of the Church.

It was stunning, and full of stories, deep messages, and lessons, without being overbearing, and without there being too much to take in.

Within a few minutes the Church was near empty so we took a few moments to sit and enjoy the blissful vibes.

These words won’t do it justice but I’ll try all the same. The Church was full of natural light, the framed stories of the crucifixion were small and so full of detail that I wanted to get close to them to appreciate them, whilst feeling the desire to pull away from the ugly story they told.

The Church was just so full of peace and gentleness that I could have sat there for ages.

Definitely worth visiting it if you’re nearby.

You can see more photos here.

Going back to what I mentioned earlier…I think it would awesome if I could find a way to ignore what’s external e.g. sounds, visual distractions, smells and so on. I could then hone in on what I choose to, rather than, being a slave to my senses.

Can you think of anything that pulls you away from where you want to focus?


by Heena Modi on December 1, 2017

Once we’re labelled a certain way, are we perceived in that way for life?

Once someone is deemed a sex offender, are they always a sex offender?

If the feeling is that sex offenders aren’t capable of changing and they shouldn’t be ‘let loose’; should they ever be released?

It can be argued that the whole point of ‘doing the time’ is to be punished, change, and conform to the norms and values that are desired by society.

The criminal is deprived of their freedom, made to do certain tasks and put in an unpleasant situation to show them that their actions were unacceptable. The ‘deal’ is that they change, display good behaviour, and their freedom will be returned. They will then have a chance to be the model citizen that they had deviated from.

Reform doesn’t work for everyone. Some prisoners are detained for longer because the board isn’t convinced that they are no longer a danger to society. Others receive a sentence which hugely reduces their chance of being released.

So going back to the original example…Should sex offenders ever be released? If they are released should they be put on a register and monitored? Does that imply that those who approved their release can’t be trusted? Does it assume that they may have made a mistake, which may result in the offender abusing someone again?

Does the basis of the current system assume that convicted offenders can’t change and they will revert to the behaviour which got them imprisoned in the first place?

If they have gone through a process which resulted in officials agreeing that they can and should be discharged; should they need to convince society that they’ve changed?

Or will as ex-prisoners, be they sex offenders, robbers, or fraudsters continue to serve time although they are no longer in prison?

Right now it seems that people are tried and released or tried and convicted. The latter go through a process of reform, and if released, they enter society with a mark that doesn’t disappear. A mark that prevents employers wanting to take a chance on them, a mark that prevents them being housed, a mark that may mean they’re isolated and disowned by their friends and family. A mark that means they aren’t trusted, they aren’t ‘free’ and that they’re still ‘doing time’; just in a different way.

What do you think?
Does the current system work?
Is it fair?
Is there another way?

Do you think whistle-blowers are responsible citizens or no good interfering individuals?

11 September 2017

Not too long ago, a friend of mine told me that was struggling to tolerate hearing her neighbour call her 5-year-old, a ‘good for nothing’ f****** bi*** on a daily basis. It doesn’t happen once or twice during the day, but throughout the time that she’s home. She’s heard the man tell her to keep […]

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How to find the best agency for supply teaching roles

26 July 2017

What’s your reason for joining a supply agency?  I know of teachers who have set up a company and provide supply cover to schools directly. However, most teachers tend to join an agency that will provide opportunites for work. I started looking at agencies because I’ve taught in one school for over 15 years, and […]

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So many people said we couldn’t do this pilgrimage but it all worked out just fine

16 June 2017

The opportunity to go on a pilgrimage with our Guru A little while ago, we were invited to join a group on a pilgrimage called Chota Char Dham. If I had Suraj’s support, I was pretty eager to be part of it. I didn’t think that such an opportunity would arise again, and I was sure […]

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Have you ever TRULY listened?

27 April 2017

I suspect you might be thinking “What a strange thing to ask! Of course I’ve listened before!” Defining listening Listening can be defined as “to pay attention to someone or something in order to hear what is being said, sung, played, etc.” but what do I mean by truly listening? Background noise When you’re ‘listening’ to someone do […]

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Is me forgiving someone dependent on them going through a crisis?

12 April 2017

Something happened to me recently. A series of events made me realise that my compassion for others shouldn’t depend on them going through a crisis of some sort! Here’s what he did to ME! So we moved home, and the following is a brief description of what happened within a few days of us moving! he left […]

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