Recently, I heard that many of the ice-creams that are readily available in supermarkets and smaller shops are NOT vegetarian!

I contacted Unilver who sent me the list shown below. The list shows which ice-creams may contain whey powder from non-vegetarian sources. It also shows a few which are definitely vegetarian.

A few of us have been looking into which drinks are suitable vegetarians in terms of ingredients and the processes used to make them. Coca-Cola signposted me to this page, where it clearly states, which drinks are not vegetarian. However, they can’t tell me if animal products are used within the process of making them. Unlike the ingredients that are used; processes don’t have to be declared! Therefore, some fruit juices may be clarified using gelatine and the companies doing this, don’t have to tell us! Drinks that are NOT suitable for vegetarians Related content Are you consuming juices that have been clarified using gelatine

Do I change my tune quickly?

27 October 2014

We all have different needs, opinions and expectations right? In this post I’m going to explore how these things vary and the possible consequences of that. Finding a way to keep someone out of your space Someone I knew, we’ll call him Fred; had his niece living with him for a long stay. I remember him telling me […]

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Mother nature has her eye on me! Can I set myself free?

3 October 2014

This is a poem about me! The previous, current and future ‘me.’ Mother nature’s got her eye on me, I can’t remember the details, But I know it’s all cos of me, Past life action causes a future reaction, It’s all matter, so it can’t follow, UNLESS it’s been programmed to do so! And who […]

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What separates ‘that’ teacher from others?

25 September 2014

There are so many types teachers and we access their teachings in a variety of different ways. They may be alive. We may be taught by them in person; it may be online or it may be through a book. Teachers are everywhere and there are so many lessons to learn! Who are these teachers? […]

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Is it always a good move to prevent the crash that’s ‘about to’ happen?

2 September 2014

I have used the metaphor of a train crash to share something that occurred to me recently. Better late than never! Are you the type of person who uses the pieces of the jigsaw to see the big picture, before you’ve made even half of the puzzle? Do you look out for the pictures showing […]

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Can Ahimsa milk ever be completely free of violence?

13 August 2014

There was a lot of talk about Ahimsa milk a year or so ago, because people wanted milk without animals being sent to slaughter. Ahimsa actually means non violence towards living beings. Does Ahimsa milk manage this? I compiled a list of questions to ask the company behind the milk. Here are their responses to […]

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