This is a poem about me! The previous, current and future ‘me.’

Mother nature’s got her eye on me,
I can’t remember the details,
But I know it’s all cos of me,

Past life action causes a future reaction,
It’s all matter, so it can’t follow,
UNLESS it’s been programmed to do so!
And who finalised the destination that it’s programmed for?
Me, of course!
So what am I complaining for?!

All I can do now, is shape the future by remembering the now,
For it is the now, which was caused by me before,
And it is the now, which will determine the future,
This will continue for ever more,
Unless I break this journey, which is getting to be a bit of a chore!

So what to do?
Welcome mother nature,
Well… welcome everything,
Step back and observe,
Just lurve.

That is the key,
Which will set me free.


What separates ‘that’ teacher from others?

by Heena Modi on September 25, 2014

There are so many types teachers and we access their teachings in a variety of different ways. They may be alive. We may be taught by them in person; it may be online or it may be through a book. Teachers are everywhere and there are so many lessons to learn!

Who are these teachers?

  • Paid professionals who teach children and adults within an institution
  • Private tutors
  • Parents and guardians
  • Babysitters
  • Friends
  • Other family members
  • Printed books, articles etc
  • Audio books
  • Courses
  • The internet
  • Through the TV
  • By watching others
  • Through experience

The perfect something!

Imagine putting loads of time, effort, resources and determination into making something happen. Imagine creating a template for the PERFECT CV which would get you ANY job you wanted. What if you found a way to speak with others so that they engage in, believe in, and want WHATEVER you’re selling? The investor’s dream, would be to find a formula to earn over 20% EVERY time he/she made an investment. What about finding a way to manage your time which keeps EVERYONE happy? How about the perfect teacher. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we found a way to teach, so that the student grasped the concept and even better; they EXCELLED in EVERY single lesson.

I’m sure there are many people who would love to do one, or some, of the above.
Reality check – I don’t think they exist at the moment!

But what if…

What if we managed to create just one of them?
I doubt that we would want to share this ‘super creation’ with others, and if we did; we would want a lot of money for it.

Those who teach us to find peace

A self realised teacher wouldn’t think about earning money. They wouldn’t have a plan to get as many followers as possible. They wouldn’t be after any form of status. They wouldn’t want anything from us at all!

YET, he or she would have put SO much effort and time, into becoming self realised. How can it be that all they want to do is share what they have learned, so that we can achieve the same? Maybe it’s not something that we’ll really understand until we achieve it. But until then…isn’t it amazing that they are so selfless, generous and compassionate?

Is it always a good move to prevent the crash that’s ‘about to’ happen?

2 September 2014

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Can Ahimsa milk ever be completely free of violence?

13 August 2014

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See beyond the label!

1 August 2014

This is a poem about events which have happened over and over again throughout history. They are not limited to groups belonging to specific races, castes, faiths, gender, sexual orientation, class, nationality etc. I would love to say that humanity will prevail and these scenarios won’t be repeated in the future, but I simply don’t know […]

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How should I be?

17 July 2014

Here’s a poem about the thoughts that many of us have with regards to our desires, expectations, insecurities and how we handle change. I don’t know to be! I feel so alone I am not alone, but I feel it I would rather that I really was alone It would be easier I’d have clarity […]

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Teachers work short days and are always on holiday! What do they do during those breaks?

23 June 2014

Teacher ROAR asked teachers to share what they were doing during the Half Term. What a great way to show the public the ‘invisible’ work we do. The content shown below was on Twitter. Twitter restricts Tweets to 140 characters so Tweeters have written in a way which saves characters. I’ve edited the Tweets to […]

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