Can you get Jain meals on flights?

by Heena Modi on June 20, 2009

I got an email from my friend Chirag recently. He was really impressed that he could get a Jain meal on the flight. Check out the discussion that was sparked from this info: –

Hi all,

I’m travelling on Air New Zealand soon and took the opportunity to look at their meal options:

I spotted VJML – Jain Vegetarian Meal. Nice to see airlines catering for us!


Vegetarian Jain

Vegetarian foods prepared Indian style according to Jain customs

Please advise your contacts that they now have the option of ordering Jain food on planes – they should ask their carrier the next time they fly.



Harshad replied to the forwarded email with a surprising response: –

Dear Heena,

Jain Meals have been offered by many international airlines over many years.  The IATA code for Jain Meal used to be JNML.

For reasons not known, many airlines withdrew this service and the JNML code was removed.

Many airlines, including BA, Thai, Mauritius, Quantas, ANZ, etc., have or are in the process of reintroducing Jain Meal on their flights.

Jains who are observers should enquire and book a JAIN meal.

Let us strive to put JAINISM on the world map in a stronger colour!

Mansukh then replied: –

Dear Heena,

I am delighted that even Airlines are taking on board and complying with the Jain dietary needs on long haul flights that cross the International Date Line. Despite the fact that we are but a tiny minority on the world stage our needs are recognised and catered for. In the midst of all around bad news this is something that is positive and helpful to us all.


Have you found out anything about meal provision on flights?

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