Everything is disposable

by Heena Modi on February 5, 2010

Do you agree with this?

People are disposable. Dump him or her and find someone else. Even get an upgrade! Someone better! This applies to employees too. Sack him or her and find someone else younger, quicker and better.

Goods are disposable and require getting rid of even if they still work. Not so long ago, we thought twice about getting something as simple as a microwave but they’re as cheap as £20 now. We can get multiple microwaves if we want to. If the knob breaks, there’s no need to make do. Just get a new one!

Technology is disposable. Why? Because it changes so quickly! The demand is huge and goods are again, cheaper than before. The need to travel and the demand for space means laptops and netbooks have become popular regardless of the fact that laptops wear out quicker than desktops. The battery becomes inefficient. Laptops cannot be built upon. A desktop can last for years, and you can continually build upon it, adding a new graphics card, hard drive etc.  Still; the laptop is in more demand. Just get rid of it and upgrade in a few years time!

Your identity is disposable. You can change it yourself. You can copy/clone it and then dispose of it.

Tissues are disposable. Recycled or not, why not use a handkerchief?

Cars are disposable. Generally people change their cars every 3 years. With the help of the government’s scrappage scheme more people can scrap cars that may work perfectly well. They’ve just got a bit older!

Nappies are disposable. Why bother with towel nappies when you can use and throw?

Did I leave anything out?

Have I painted a skewed picture?







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