I needed to contact a consultant I saw about something and had no idea how to do it other than via the post. To make it quicker, greener and more cost effective, I typed ‘contact Northwick Park Hospital into a search engine and found a way to email them.

I sent an email explaining what I needed to do and whom I needed to contact & got a response within a day. The lady was really helpful and I have got what I needed.

To make sure her efforts did not go unnoticed I sent an email saying: –


By the way could you tell your line manager that I am really pleased with the fact that you have contacted me so promptly and efficiently?



I wanted to share this as it’s another example of praising someone for helping or doing their job well. There are many people who don’t care, don’t bother and although it is good to provide feedback so that they can develop. For those who do do what they’re supposed to or go the extra mile; we definitely should give feedback. Do you agree?

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