A world full of people, good and bad
Who to trust?
A choice of many
Is this really the case?
Some demons
Some naive
Some confused
Some manipulative
Some sadistic
Some masochistic
A few are genuine

How do we know?

We don’t

Don’t trust anyone
Don’t rely on anyone
We get let down and we are hurt

We blame others but is it their fault?
Why do we expect things from others?
Do we have the right to?
Do they have a duty or obligation to us?
If they are there for us, then we are lucky
But if not, we must be able to cope, right?
We must be able to survive,
Without being angry with ourselves which we often quickly project onto others

We must live and learn
We must cherish the bonuses but plod on when they are not there or we cannot see/appreciate them
We must learn to recognise fault in ourselves
But let go also

We must not expect from others that which we cannot ourselves guarantee to others,
We must not be so hard on others
Me must be prepared to be self sufficient on an everyday basis
When it is not needed, anything we receive will be a sweet, unexpected but welcomed, bonus.

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