Is it good to see?
He met me and suddenly he could see.
He was never partially blind.
He was NOT unable to use his eyes.
But he could not see.

He could not see the pain around him.
He could not see the character of some of those closest to him.
He could not see how people ‘got to him’ when they needed or wanted something from him.
He could not see how people used emotional blackmail to change how he felt or change what he was willing to do.
He could not see what he was doing.
He could not see what he should be doing.
He had blinkers on because life was more bearable that way.
Then he met someone who turned his world upside down.
He could see the world around him clearly.

He could see how it really was.
Which was better?

I wrote this after hearing many stories about how my friends/family, girls and boys alike, had ‘changed’ after meeting their partner. The ‘partner’ often didn’t understand why they were getting the blame for changing their partner.

If they were vocal, they were simply seeing what they saw. Surely the person they’re telling is a grown adult who’s able to make decisions for themselves? If they are easily led perhaps you can support them to be stronger? Then they may truly agree with what they ‘now see’ or they may change and challenge the views of others.

Have you ever experienced this yourself as the person who can now see, the person who ‘made them see’ or the family who felt jilted/shafted? Does this poem help you to see it from another point of view?

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