Here’s some info about an exhibition exploring the contributions made by Black Londoners during WWII. The information came from the 100 Black Men of London newsletter.

The Cuming Museum in Walworth hosts

Through rare photographs, music and film clips, this exhibition reveals the varied roles of ordinary Black men and women. It tells stories of wartime courage, hardship and service to the community. It also shows how bombing, evacuation and rationing affected Black people.

Discover the story of community leaders such as Dr Harold Moody, a Peckham-based doctor, who became an ambassador for Britain’s Black community and a founding member of the League of Coloured Peoples. Learn about the role musicians and singers like Adelaide Hall and Ken “Snakehips” Johnson played in keeping up London’s morale during the Blitz. The exhibition also reveals how Caribbean and African countries contributed to the war effort. To November 1, 2008. Free admission.

The Cuming Museum
Old Walworth Town Hall 151 Walworth Road London SE17 1RY Tel: 020 7525 2332
Cuming Museum

The Cuming Museum


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