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Date: Friday 26 Sep 2008 to Sunday 28 Sep 2008
Description: Would you like to recreate the smells of granny’s kitchen? Make unique gifts for your friends and family? Or just explore new methods of prolonging the bountiful harvests of autumn’s hedgerows and allotments?

This course is useful for anyone wishing to learn more about the various age-old methods of food preservation; techniques that helped our predecessors utilise the natural resources around them and feed their families all year round. These skills are coming more into vogue as people wake up to the inherent problems with a food chain that imports a vast amount of produce, instead of taking advantage of the wonderful food that is produced much closer to home. Preservation techniques can add value and nutritional diversity to food, and offer an alternative to bland supermarket produce.

Venue: LILI Bucks
Contacts: Taryn 01296 714184
E-mail: taryn@lowimpact.org
Web Address: www.lowimpact.org

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