I’ve written a post explaining how I came across the info from The Ethical Consumer which is shown below. I have found it to be eye – opening without then feeling helpless or unworthy.

I know that we CAN make a difference! By sharing this information there will be a positive impact.

Would you want to feed your pet the the ‘normal’ meat products sold in supermarkets after reading the information below?

Meaty issues
Pet food in today’s supermarkets contains meat, poultry or fish or a combination of their ‘by- products’.

It is made from meat and cereals not required by the human food industry.

A meat by-product could apparently be “viscera and blood-soaked sawdust from the floors of a packing house where meat is being processed.”

Reducing the meat we consume is one of the most important steps we can take to reduce our environmental impact globally. It takes approximately 10lb of vegetable or grain protein to produce 1lb of animal protein, and the grain used to feed livestock often travels a long distance from Third World countries.

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