I have written a post recently in which I say that I will explain how ‘the change’ has gone for my cat. By ‘the change’ I mean that her diet’s gone from meat to vegan. So here goes…

I recently changed my diet from vegetarian to vegan. When I was vegetarian I pondered over feeding my cat vegetarian cat food but decided against it becuase they were ‘old’ rescued cats. Through fear of upsetting their diet resulting in illness or discomfort; I decided against it. Also, I had been told that dogs can raised on a vegetarian diet but cats cannot.  However, now that I’m vegan I’ve found myself thinking about it again!

How can I follow this diet and feed meat to my cat? (If you’ve noticed the change from ‘cats’ to ‘cat’; I now have one cat rather than two). So anyway,  I researched it and found that many animal lovers have given their dogs and cats vegetarian and/or vegan dry food AND wet food.

So….‘the change’ …. I was amazed. Usually, the dry food that I give her is left for at least 2 days before I can refill it and that, is in a shallow bowl! The vet has told me that dry food is better for her health, nourishment and her teeth too. Thus I was keen to encourage her to eat it.

Anyway this vegan stuff by Ami makes it all effortless. She eats it as soon as she sees it, I need to top it up daily and she still loves it, 2 weeks on.The same shallow bowl. She gobbles it up so much quicker! 🙂

Great huh?

So where did I get it from? Veggie Pets

Have you experimented with anything similar?

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