What is Karma?

• Karma is nothing other than the mechanism that makes us thoroughly experience the themes of our life until we gained optimal knowledge from them and until our emotional attachment to these themes falls off.

Jain Karma Theory
• Law of Cause and Effect
• Law of Action and Reaction
• What one sows, one reaps
• Our intention behind our actions of mind, speech and body binds us with Karma

Empowering Theory

• While the Law of Karma dictates what we are experiencing now to be the result of our own past actions, the Law of Karma – by clearly defining the principle of cause and effect – also lays before us positive future direction of our own choice and making

• Only WE are responsible for our past, present and future and only WE can alter it. No one else can!

This illustration shows an act, who committed it & who will suffer for it. Are they are the same person?


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