Do you use your voice?
Do you empower yourself?
Do you use your loaf?

Have you ever heard people complain about not being able to turn left at the roundabout adjoining the High Road and Christchurch Avenue; or no longer being able to turn right onto Kenton Road if one is coming from Kingsbury?

Have you ever felt compassion for people trying to get somewhere but due to the lack of signs and/or the ability or confidence, to ask someone for directions; they get lost trying to find a town hall.

Have you ever gone to a shop which is a member if a chain and been spoken to rudely or been ill advised by members of staff who are supposed to be knowledgeable about items in their department?

Did you do anything about it? Use the many resources around you. Use your voice!

Make a suggestion/complaint to the council traffic department.

Write to, or email, the council suggesting that they should have important buildings signposted in different languages perhaps!

Write a letter/email to the stores customer services department.

The only thing standing in your way is; you.

Of course, if you’re not bothered you wouldn’t be discussing it right? Or do you fall into the category of people who share their thoughts with no intention of doing anything about it? If so, I remember meeting someone who told me she liked to moan about stuff but that’s where it stopped. I admired her for being honest and then knew to take it as just that. No need to support her in doing something about what was bothering her.

I guess it’s good to know which type of person you are. If you want a solution, technology has made it so easy to give feedback.

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