I received this message from Malte Winterstein. This is exciting news! children will be able to talk to other children all over the world! This is now possible in 4 languages too so that’ll help breakdown any language barriers 🙂

What else? It will be interactive. A place you can voice your concerns, share your ideas, ask questions and more!

The thing that I think is the most important is that info on the forum can be used to feed into the political agenda. Politicians and councilors of the World Future Council will look into it and use your ideas, concerns& questions to raise awareness and make changes.

So kids get on line and adults please support this cause. It is the future that, your children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren and your friends’ children, will inherit. Lets make it better. Lets encourage them to have ownership of this world and feel empowered to give input and make changes.

Dear KidsCall friends,

We announce with pleasure that since October the 10th 2008 the new KidsCall forum of the World Future Council is online.

On the webpage you now have the opportunity to talk with other kids and interested people from all around the world about the most pressing issues and problems of our times. Your concerns and fears as well as hopes and ideas for a better world are the corner stones of the forum. Ask questions, give answers, show your points of view and speak about your themes, which are of most concern to you.

The forum is set up in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. So you have the possibility to see what’s going on in other countries and which themes are the most important ones in other parts of the world.

We all live on the same planet and in a globalized world which is highly connected. A huge amount of our problems today affect us all and the most of them can only be solved together. So you’re welcome to take a look on the other language sections of the forum and participate there as well, if you can.

Until now, the forum is fragmented in twelve categories and mirrors the themes, which were addressed in the appeals of the youth to the responsible politicians while the KidsCall campaign, so it deals with the most pressing issues of the young generation in our world. All participants of the first KidsCall campaign and, of course, all interested persons are invited to discuss about the problems and their solutions of these issues. From time to time the councilors of the World Future Council and maybe the one or another politician will look around to participate at the information exchange and discussions.

So you can get attention through the forum in the political agenda. Furthermore, we will deliver your ideas to the responsible people in our world whenever possible. Thus, the forum gives us the possibility to know better about the most pressing issues of the youth in our world.

If you want to know what was going on in the last time at the KidsCall campaign, you’re welcome to check NEWS section on the website from time to time.

We wish you all a successful future and hope for a great participation. Together we can change the world.

With best regards,
Ansgar Kiene and the World Future Council team.

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