Here are some photos of how people reacted all over the globe. Although it is an amazing achievement, not just becuase he is a positive black role model, not just becuase he brings us hope, not just becuase he brings us away from the Bush administration but becuase he is fresh/new and with that, we hope that he will not be stuck in the past or blinded by it. We hope for a new beginning. So much pressure! Can we expect so much? We also need to be realistic don’t we? Perhaps the note to the Editor below can help us maintain a realistic view.

At Obama’s former school in Jakarta , Indonesia

Sydney , Australia


Obama , Japan

Jerusalem , Israel

Manila , Philippines


Barack’s step-grandmother Sarah Obama in Kogelo , Kenya

Dear Editor,

We all yearn for and hope for closure, for answers, for solutions to all our problems, yet short of death itself there is seldom any final answer, any action that will solve all our problems. Life is mostly struggle, seldom is it satisfaction. Only God is the Alpha and Omega.

Let me remind us all not to be too carried away with the election of a black man to the office of president of the United States. The problems of America and the world did not start with the previous man, nor will they end with his replacement. We are all contributors to those problems, and we must all in some way participate in their solution.

Let me remind all as well that there are many forces aligned against Barack Obama, to destroy his best hopes and dreams and as such, our hopes and dreams – forces that we must be constantly vigilant against, forces that are both within and without, forces that are as much a part of his enthusiastic followers as his determined enemies.

Therefore, take time to celebrate, but take even more time to rededicate yourselves seriously to being a stronger contributor to the betterment of the world around you. Just as this man’s life and its symbolic promise represent a new time of a renewed hope for change. Let your own lives represent hope for a better day in Jamaica soon, and pray that it be so for us all.

Florida, USA

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Saurabh · November 11, 2008 at 7:35 pm

A thought: –

Sadly, the world has been so disturbed and upset by ‘w’ ie Bush that they have rather blindly anointed Obama the saviour and quite naively put their faith in him.

Ralph Nader expressed it poignantly: Obama can choose whether he will be Uncle Sam for the people or Uncle Tom to the giant corporations.

Obama needs to be pressed by the critical thinkers to do the right things and be held accountable. I am sceptical (though he is better than McCain imo) and time will tell. let’s hope.

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