This message was sent by Harrow Police. If possible try to use this information to prevent what we can without living in fear.

This is a Ring Master message:

In the past month there has been a rise in distraction and walk-in burglaries, where offenders are posing as:

1) Police Officers – Stating there is a gas leak outside and needing access to the premesis to prevent an explosion.
2) Water Board – Calling at flats saying there is water leaking into flat below and needing to turn off the supply.
3) Workmen – Asking if there is any garden or interior jobs needing their attention.
4) Female with a baby – Asking if she could fill the babies bottle with water.

Offenders have also been walking into addresses when occupants have opened the door without using their safety chain and thus taking items from within.

Suspects are male and female aged between 16 – 45.

The police would ask occupants to:

1) Not to answer the door to strangers, without using their safety chains.
2) Always Ask for ID and check ID carefully.
3) Ask for caller’s office number to check their credentials.

We would like you to report any suspicious callers immediately to police calling 999.

Remember do not let anyone into your premesis until you are happy with who they are.

Thank You
Harrow Police Borough.

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