This message has been issued by Harrow Crime Prevention Panel – December 2008

Just to remind that Christmas does provide more opportunities for thieves, therefore a need to take extra care to have a secure and safer festive season by following simple steps, like:

·         When you go out, make sure you leave a light on in your home.
·         Wait until Christmas eve before putting presents under the Christmas tree and don’t advertise the purchase of expensive presents by leaving empty boxes outside your home.
·         Park your car at a secure place and don’t leave presents you just bought in your car.
·         Keep your handbag and wallet safe – be careful in crowded streets or stores. Wear your bag across your body, so that it opens on the side facing you. Never leave a purse in the top of an open bag and never leave your bag unattended. If you use a motorised scooter or wheelchair, keep your valuables in front of you, rather than behind you on the back of the chair.
·         Keep your identity and personal information safe – use well known and reliable mail order outlets if shopping through the internet.
·         Don’t throw away entire bills, receipts, card slips, bank statements or even junk mail in your name.
·         If you attend an office party or go out for a night, be aware of hidden dangers. Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know – appoint a drink watcher if you go to toilet or off for a dance.

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