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I remember speaking to the head at the school I work in. She once told me that she thought all fireworks should be banned unless it was an event organised by some sort of professional. This would reduce the amount of fireworks going off left right and centre for Eid, Diwali, Bonfire Night, New Year and more. Why is this good?

It would mean that: –
Pets would be frightened less often
There would be less pollution
Other animals would not be scared, harmed or killed
It would be greener.

The affect of fireworks is created by mixing chemicals, metals and plastics.

The show isn’t over once it’s over either! The ‘stuff’ lingers and causes smog and acid rain which would damage the animals, birds, our property e.g. our homes, plants, the water we use, food that is grown and so on!

A firework lasts a few minutes but causes destruction for many days, weeks and months to come!

Do you know what’s in a firework?
75% potassium nitrate.
15% carbon.
10% sulphur.
Plastic casing.

A great concoction to leave behind right?

A side point – we follow America’s example in so many ways. Why not in this case? In many American States the use and sale of firworks is restricted due to the Clean Air Act.

Visit Animal Aid for information and advice on the subject.

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