Black Victims of the Nazis! What I hear you ask? Here’s what this event is about: –

What we know today as the Holocaust was researched, rehearsed and refined in Africa with African people long before 1939.

Although it is hardly mentioned, German people, in their colony of Namibia, stole land from African  people and when they fought back, they built rail roads,  labour camps and medical experiment labs in Namibia in order  to work them to death or experiment on their bodies to see how they were able to cope with heat.

This happened in 1906 and the German government even apologised in 2004.

This underviewed documentary states the case with detailed testimony from Namibian and German people and evidence from German secret files.

The fact is that there were also black people in Germany before, during and after WW2 . Some even joined the army, some were entertainers, thousands were sterilised and a vast number were sent to the gas chambers.

Curator, Z Nia Reynolds author of Black Victims of the Nazis will give an illustrated talk about these issues. As there are only two books in existence about this marginalised history you are advised to be on time

When? – Sunday 22 February 1pm-4.30pm

Where? – Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, SE1

Tube: Lambeth North.

Cost? – Free entry

First come, first served

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