I was going through stuff in my flat recently. I came across a whole load of cards that I’d kept since I was 12 years old. It was so nice to look at them, read the messages and think back to those days! :) 

I didn’t want to keep them but I didn’t want to let go of them either so I found an alternative. 

I scanned them and uploaded them. It was free for those if you who are like me and think about the possible cost quite quickly! The pictures of the cards are now on line so I can still look at them but I don’t physically have them. 

I reduced my possessions.

I reused the cards by giving the front of it to the Reception teachers at the school I work in. They love things like that because the kids cut them up and make things out of them. There’s no point in giving them the other half as it’s boring in comparison and it’s unlikely that the children will be able to read it.

I recycled the other part of the card. 

I can view the cards and the messages anywhere! 

So where did I upload them? There are 3 websites that I know about and use. They are free, user friendly and they work fast!

These are: - 

flickr – you can use this site to upload photos/images and videos. You need a yahoo email address but that’s about it. The rest is easy. 

slideshare – you can use this to upload documents, spreadsheets or presentations. I used PowerPoint to insert the scanned images of some of my cards and uploaded them.

scribd  – you can use this to upload pdf files, documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

I could have used either of these sites to achieve the same goal. :) 

How you can share them

If you then want to share any of these uploads, you can send the link to the presentation or image, for example, and it can be viewed without the user creating an account.

Nice huh? A neat way to keep stuff!

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Amit · February 27, 2009 at 6:22 pm

I created a beautiful experiment where you can use flickR photos and quotes from my quotationsbook.com and youtube videos to express feelings:


btw – I left a comment on one of your other posts – why can’t I see that?

    Heena Modi · February 27, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Looks good!
    This is the first comment I have from you I think. Any chance you could re-submit your comments? Or send them by email and I’ll upload them for you?
    Technology! 🙁

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