If the NHS are changing their ways! This has to be a good thing doesn’t it? This means there’s hope for other organisaitons to follow suit. Right? 

Well, either way, The Guardian reports that the NHS menus will be revamped to reflect an increased amount of use of seasonal food, more local food, and more use of sustainable and nutritionally valuable produce such as fish. Wiked huh?

In effect, this will reduce their reliance on meat and other products, but the NHS will not remove them from the menu.  

The article reassures the reader that NHS need to, and will continue to, place the dietary needs of patients first. 

Snippet from the article

The NHS has a carbon footprint of 18m tonnes of CO2 per year – 3.2% of carbon emissions and 25% of public sector emissions in England. Food accounts for around 2% of the NHS carbon footprint.

The NHS is an internationally renowned health service, Europe’s largest employer and a leader in local communities across the country. By leading by example to reduce our carbon footprint, the NHS can help mitigate climate change and improve our health tomorrow, as well as today.

As always with the NHS, the patient comes first, second and third, ahead of all other considerations.


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