This is a strange one.

I went to a NUT course and met someone who didn’t agree with groups who are backing banning teachers who are part of the BNP.

I’ve put some arguments for and against banning them below. Do you have any other views?

Here are some arguments for banning teachers who are in the BNP: –

If they are teaching in a multi cultural school but they fear the very children and communities that they teach, are they in the right job?

Should they support a group that wants all members of ethnic minorities to be ‘sent back’ home, whatever ‘home’ means?

How can someone in a position of power be allowed to support such a narrow minded group?

What does it say about the teacher themselves? Do you they want to kill, hurt, get rid of all the non Caucasian people in the UK?

Are they looking forward? What will happen to  the economy? If these people are removed in whichever way, who will replace them? How can they be teaching the future generations?

The source of encouraging these ‘people’ to reside here was often governments who wanted ‘them’ to work in the UK and do jobs that the public couldn’t or wouldn’t. Will they take up these posts?

Here are some arguments against banning teachers who are in the BNP: –

Should the state or anyone else have a right to make this happen?

What about freedom and democracy?

If we force them out of teaching will others go ‘underground’, be full of resentment and then take it out on the children whom they teach?

You can be in the BNP and not want to harm anyone.

You have the right to support whichever political party you want to.

Where these people end up is not my problem. I didn’t invite them here. I just want them to leave.

The economy will be fine. The Caucasians will take up their posts.

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