I published ‘Is There A Case For More Asian Elderly Homes?‘ on 18th July 2010. This post debates whether we should consider using homes for the elderly at all.

Some of you may be aware that teachers see all sorts of things at work. We teach children who are ‘killed with kindness’. They are wrapped in cotton wool and can barely function when alone. There are others who don’t see their parents much. They come to Breakfast Club, spend the day at school and then go to After School Club. Some children are collected from After School Club by a child minder. These children may however, experience a huge amount of love outside of these times so they have a chance to become well rounded, cared for individuals. However, there are others who are not cared for in the way they should be.

For this post can we pretend that those cases don’t exist? In this post, please only consider those parents who, generally, fulfil their duties towards their children.

So going back to homes for the elderly…..

There are a few simple, hard-hitting, brief arguments. These are: –

  • When you were young and kept forgetting what your parents explained to you, did they scold you because they had to repeat themselves?
  • When you couldn’t control your bladder did they make you feel worthless?
  • When you spilt your food did they tell everyone what a pain you were because you didn’t get all the food in your mouth?
  • When you were clumsy and dropped things did they fill you with fear so you dreaded to touch anything in case you broke something?
  • When you couldn’t walk properly did they hold your hand and give you tools to help you or did they leave you to fall?

The points above don’t cover all the selfless, tolerant, caring actions of a dutiful parent. However, taking into account the few things mentioned above, when your parents come full cycle and need you, should you turn them away? Should you get them to be cared for in a home?

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Krisan Haria · July 25, 2010 at 7:24 pm

sending anyone to an elderly home should be avoided at any costs…esp if they are still mentally alert. Nothing can deterioate someones health then no longer having the opportunity to test your brain out. All other avenues should be exhausted before one goes down that road of an elderly home

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