Yesterday Suraj and I tried calling June in the hope of seeing how she and Biggie are. We’ve not seen her since she’s been re-homed.

At first we backed off to give Bigs a chance to settle. Then we got busy with work etc. After that we went abroad for a wedding followed by some time to ourselves. We returned on August 18th, settled back at home, unpacked, washed clothes and all the rest and all of a sudden it was Friday. We were due to go to another wedding on Saturday so we had to prepare for being away for another night.

We stayed in a hotel after the wedding and I really hoped Suraj and I would be able to go and see Biggie together on the way home. We rang June and left a message but no reply. We rang again later in the afternoon but no luck.

Today, I did some chores, went to work, met my mum, came home, cooked, ate and then remembered that June still hadn’t called. I began to wonder whether she was OK. Of course, the thought then followed that, if she wasn’t OK, who was with Biggie?

I mentioned my thoughts to Suraj and his face changed. He’d been wanting me to sit with him earlier but I wanted to read. Now we’d finished reading. I had sat down, we had our cups of tea but Suraj hadn’t even settled before I mentioned that I realised June hadn’t rung. This is when his face changed.

I knew something was wrong.

Suraj told me that June called while I was out. On Saturday, June took Biggie to the vet and the vet said that her mouth was in a bad way. She would have to be put to sleep. June said they tried to call us without any luck. However, she said it was the kindest thing to do.

I was semi calm.

This was followed by tears.

Then I felt so guilty! I hadn’t seen her. I should have tried harder.

I then started thinking about her soul and the fact that she’d be reborn by now.

I thought about June being alone again and wondered if she was OK.

I said I hoped Biggie didn’t get punished for eating meat because she was a cat and didn’t know that it’d bind negative karma.

I thought about whether I knew, in the back of my mind, that Bigs didn’t have much time left, so I re-homed her as I couldn’t cope with putting another loved one to sleep.

Soon after I felt grateful. I was so glad that she was with June. If she had been alone at home whilst we were away, with only the cat sitter popping in to see if she was OK & then being put to sleep soon after we returned; I would have been so upset! I am so glad she had lots of love and attention, rather than, being on her own. Thus Biggie being re-homed with June was a blessing in disguise

Here are some photos of Biggie that make me smile.

Bigs always found a way to sleep and cuddle up one way or another

Bigs loving sleeping on the tiles coz the underfloor heating was on! 🙂

Biggie enjoying sleeping behind my knees

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