I read this quote recently. It sat with me so much that, I saved it so that I could write about it later.

A ‘No’ uttered with the deepest conviction is better & greater than a ‘Yes’, merely uttered to please; or worse, to avoid trouble – M Gandhi

I know that for many people, saying ‘No’ is not easy. At work, with friends, family and in other contexts.

We don’t want to let others down,
We want to be respected,
We want others to feel that we can help & perhaps even save them.

But what happens when one say ‘Yes’ but doesn’t deliver?

A one off may be forgiven and even forgotten but someone who repeatedly says ‘Yes’ but means or delivers a ‘No’ wont be respected or liked.

Will they?

Do you have different thoughts about this?

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Suraj · October 31, 2010 at 11:13 pm

This simply comes down to integrity.

It’s something that I think we all battle with.

We care so much about the people around us and want to do the very best for them.

However, saying ‘yes’, with enthusiasm, in the heat of the moment, followed up with zero action, leads to disastrous results, in all areas of life.

Certainly better to say no, with conviction, rather than to say yes, and not deliver.

This is a very timely blog post, Heena – thank you for sharing the quote by M K Gandhi.

    Heena Modi · November 8, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    I’m glad you received it at the right time for you : )
    thanks for sharing your thoughts

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