You read the title! ‘Selling a property is easy. Agents wants commission and try their best to make a sale!’ Do you know anyone who really, truly, fully feels that this is an accurate statement?

I’ve provided a summary of what happened to us below and I’ve added links to posts that’ll shed more light. More detail. The reason that this might be important for YOU is if you come to sell a property, it’s good to be aware of the stunts that some agents pull. Our story may save you money, time, anxiety & stress.

So…here’s our story. Suraj and I were involved with one agent in the beginning. Click here to find out about the initial stages re selling our flat.

We had a lot of interest early on but things kept going wrong. We then got involved with a number of different agents. This didn’t make it easier! It did NOT increase the competition between them and help us make a successful sale. Click here to find out how things went wrong.

THEN it got worse! We had a sale, it was going through and we were going to get hit with DOUBLE fees! Now here’s where the competition kicked in! None of the acting agents made us aware of this dual fee. In fact, Hounds made a point of trying to trick us, pretend it didn’t apply to us and make the sale go through. Once that happened, we’d be stuffed! Click here to read the full story.

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