I am blogging about this because I felt SO proud, warm and full of hope on Saturday 18th December 2010.

Suraj, mum and I went out shopping. When we left it wasn’t snowing and if it was forecasted, we didn’t know about it! Otherwise, perhaps we wouldn’t have gone. Perhaps not. Anyway, we were in Harrow Weald and it started snowing.

The snow wasn’t settling at all so we didn’t fret. However, when we looked again, the road was covered! The snowfall had changed and it was now very different to how it was 20 minutes before!

We rushed what we were doing and we left as soon as we could.

When we were on our way home we saw several people who were skidding or getting stuck.

We saw a Jeepy type of car with a flashing light overtake us and figured it had a medic in it. However, on our journey, we saw the car a few times and we soon realised that they were helping people out by towing them.

When we were near Rayners Lane, where the bike shop is; there was a guy walking in the road. He didn’t have an illuminous jacket on, he wasn’t part of any company, he was a ‘normal’ person & guess what he was doing? He was present and ready. For what? To help. He did nothing else except walk and be on the lookout for cars that needed pushing.

It was so nice to see!

Unfortunately when we got closer to the end of the 1 way system by Rayners Lane there was one van in particular, which was having difficulty with steering and skidding. A few people overtook the car. Others beeped. Some went passed slowly and gave dirty looks as they went. Nobody got out to help push the car. But then…1 passer by offered to steer the car while the owner of the van pushed and another passer by helped too.

Did you come across any positive experiences like this?

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