Before watching this video I had no idea about what was involved in the fur industry.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a ‘walk in the park’ for any of the animals concerned but what I saw horrified me.

I shared it on Facebook and posted this comment: –

Can hell be worse than this?

In some ways the answer is irrelevant.

What I watched today made me shiver, cry and feel so ashamed to be part of the ‘human’ race!

Animals are bought, grabbed, their heads are whacked on the floor to knock them out, they are taken to the slaughter area where they REGAIN consciousness, they are beaten on the head with a wooden instrument to avoid harming the fur and the skinning begins.

They are alive, conscious and their body is jerking whilst they are skinned.

One was fortunate enough to endure the skinning whilst being ‘awake’ for SIX minutes, before he was choked to death. This didn’t work so for a SECOND time, the ‘skinner’ stood on his throat to make him die.

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