This is a card which I gave my Father before he passed away some years ago.

I came across it recently and felt it was still ‘spot on’, perhaps more now than it was then!

It’s easy to say ‘act now’, ‘don’t let things fester’, ‘don’t leave things unsaid’, ‘appreciate those who care for you and what they are trying to do’; but often it’s when they change, leave, pass; that one realises how valuable they were.

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Heena Modi · June 24, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Suraj & I went out on Friday.

Whilst we were having lunch, my attention went towards a car that parked outside the restaurant.

There was a man in the driver’s seat & he had a little girl sitting on his lap. She was facing him and hugging him. You could tell that she adored him. 🙂

Someone in the back passed her coat to him. The little girl moved so that he could put it on her and then she wrapped her arms around him and cuddled him again.

He didn’t rush her, move her or cut it short. He let her get what she needed, stroked her hair & cuddled her back. She sat up a bit and he brushed her hair and then she cuddled him again.

There was something gripping, warming, hopeful and gorgeous about it.

I felt as if I could have sat there and watched them all day!
It was SO nice to see : )

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