This calendar was sent to me recently.

I am sharing it because it’s really useful and easy to understand.

The calendar shows the following: –

  • when Jains avoid eating root vegetables
  • when Jains avoid eating green vegetables
  • when there’s a Jain festival
  • when it’s an auspicious day
  • when the tithis are i.e. Aatham, Chaudas, Pancham, Bij and Agiyaras

I thought that it might be useful for: –

  • those of you who ‘follow’ these dates
  • for those who are interested in understanding what’s happening and when and
  • for those of you who know others who incorporate these dates into their daily life i.e. it might help you pre-empt when it’s possible to meet up, eat out etc.

Here’s a bit of information about Jainism

Jain Calendar 2013 in English by

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