Does  that sound right? ‘Commit a crime, do the time and CONTINUE to pay the price!’ Aren’t prisoners meant to be rehabilitated and changed when they are released?

So should they be trusted with a second chance at being a member of society who abides by the law or not?

There’s a group of people who think that neighbours and schools should be told when a convicted sex offender moves into the area. This goes against the idea that they are rehabilitated and deserve a second chance.

Can it be argued that the procedure should be as follows: –

  • someone is found guilty,
  • sentenced,
  • released according to; the severity of their crime, the amount of evidence against them, the belief about how much of a danger this person is to society and so on.
  • given a chance to live according to the law

Whether you agree with the duration of the sentencing or not is a whole different issue. However going by the idea that the sentencing was reasonable and satisfactory, is it not fair to say that they have served their time and should be allowed to move on as the state’s punishment is now over?

The result of following sex offenders everywhere they go and informing others of their every move; will ensure that they do NOT get a job or move on at all! The impact of this could be that they feel even more stressed than they were about return to a world that they haven’t had contact with for however long! They may also feel very vulnerable and persecuted. Could it become a driving force for them to offend again? They may feel that they have to turn to crime such as theft to survive materially.

Has anyone thought of the affects that this change will have on others? Individuals suspected of having committed these crimes may have their houses destroyed, vandalised and they may be attacked themselves.

There was an incident when a newspaper published the name and photo of a paedophile. He was hunted down and beaten up by a group of people. However it was the wrong man!

Also, will the Police cope with their already lacking resources being drained further?

What about the message given to children?

  • People do not change.
  • If you don’t like something that someone’s done in the past or you suspect someone of having done something that you disapprove of; then you can persecute and hurt them and that’s all right.
  • Prison is a way to keep people off the streets for a while but we should live in fear when prisoners are released
  • The criminal justice system doesn’t work
  • The Police aren’t needed as we must take things into our own hands

Research says that the notion that child abusers are strangers is a myth as the majority of child abusers are family members, family friends or others who are known to the child. So will notifying neighbours truly serve anyone?

What do you think?

Should individuals complete their time in prison and be allowed to live amongst the community after being released?
Is there an alternative?
Should there be an alternative?

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