I’ve been part of or present during many conversations about why others should have children. Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard. Do any of these convince you?

  • To love them.
  • To continue the family name.
  • Because it’s your duty.
  • For inheritance purposes.
  • So you have someone to look after you.
  • So that you don’t feel lonely.
  • Because it’s the done thing.
  • To keep the relationship together.
  • To make them what you couldn’t become.
  • To create a man who’s better than your partner.
  • To prove others wrong.
  • To show ‘them’ how to raise kids.
  • To do what my parents couldn’t/didn’t.
  • Because it’s Gods will.
  • It’s the outcome of not using birth control.
  • To provide those who can’t have their ‘own’ children with a child.
  • Because it’s ‘wrong’ to abort a child once it has been created.

Please do share the reasons that have you heard, which aren’t listed above.

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