Over the years a lot of research has been carried out; statistics have been constructed, debates have been held and policies have been changed or formed.

All of the above have focused on addressing sex and what can, and does, happen after people engage in it; be it carelessly or carefully.

So the argument goes that we should increase the age of consent. Thus delaying the age when it is legal and socially acceptable for individuals to be free to make love without being frowned upon.

Of course, some people will abide by a change in law and some will not.
There will be benefits and disadvantages.
Not everyone will be happy.
However, it should be possible to weigh things up and come to a solid conclusion.

Some people feel that the young have become too free with their affections and that this needs to be discouraged due to the rise in STIs, unplanned pregnancies and terminations.

Of course this doesn’t only apply to younger individuals but rather that they are more vulnerable to being hurt (emotionally) and that they are likely to be less aware of the existing health hazards too.

Another argument is that society pays for the results of this ‘culture’ in a monetary form (i.e. the rise in one-parent families, those who need treating in STD clinics, terminations, counselling etc.) A further concern is that we have too many unwanted and not properly cared for children. This would also have a knock-on effect on social services, the legal system and more.

Or are we making too much of a big deal out of these moments of intimacy?
Should people be blahzay about it so that people cease to be prudish and so that people are more relaxed about it? After all, it’s not a big deal right?
Maybe all of the above will sort themselves out once people remember the special element to making love. It is not something to be given to and shared with anyone that we think we like. It is something very personal that should be shared with someone whom you feel strongly for. That works if you agree with this view but what if you don’t?

When you don’t know where you’re heading shouldn’t you be even more protective of your body? This refers to men and women! It is just as important for men as it is for women, to be sure, to be right, to be happy and to be responsible.

My own view is summed up by “Don’t start what you can’t finish guys and gals.”

A one off event may become something that effects you for the rest of your life whether it be via pregnancy, catching an STI and/or being mentally scarred if the relationship (if you are in one) doesn’t go the way you want it to.

What do you think?

Will increasing the age of consent fix all this? Will it prevent the younger members of society catching STIs or having unplanned pregnancies?

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