Here’s a guest post from Radhika Madlani. She is a mother, an employee, a wife, a writer and so much more. Seeing as she juggles so much already, I thought I’d add to her load and ask her to write a guest post for you! 🙂 This post is about the different ways that men and women look at things.

It’s true what they say.. Men and women have a different DNA .. This difference becomes even more apparent when it comes to the issue of parenting.

Imagine this typical scenario in day to day family life.. A father hops out of the house with a giggling toddler in tow… Mother shouts for dad to put a hat on the toddler.. Dad smiles and straps toddler in the car ignoring the request.. Once they reach the park, the weather changes.. The sun hides behind clouds and the winds start to blow.. the toddler sneezes.. Dad thinks it’s good to ‘weather’ the child.. Mum wishes they’d remembered the hat.. Cold winds makes the toddlers ears go red.. Snot runs down her nose and the family finally turns back home.. Dad complains on the way back as he tells mum she should have dressed the toddler in warmer clothes.. Mum wants to say ‘I told you so!’ But doesn’t to keep the peace..

I guarantee most men will agree that their wives have at some point ‘nagged’ them.. Why do women do this? Why do mums insist on hats on sunny days? Why do we ask for a report on what our kids have eaten? Why do we repeat ‘instructions’ even if it’s part of everyday routine? The answer is very simple.. A well oiled machine performs well and behind the ‘calm’ waters of a happy family is the mother of that house working her mind tirelessly to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

At times, it may seem to some men that, women are unnecessarily making their life harder than it needs to be.  When it comes to her child, almost is not good enough.  There is an in built radar that pushes a mother to ‘protect her baby’.. To keep her child fed, watered, warm and safe.  Almost doesn’t count. Perhaps that’s why there is never peace on Jupiter but plenty of white flags!

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