I have used the metaphor of a train crash to share something that occurred to me recently.
Better late than never!

Are you the type of person who uses the pieces of the jigsaw to see the big picture, before you’ve made even half of the puzzle?

Do you look out for the pictures showing some sort of catastrophe and try and prevent them?

Do you see the train crashing before it actually happens? 

Do you, naturally, want to stop it from crashing?

Take a moment.
A step back.

Will it help?
‘But of course it will!’ I hear you say.
‘I’ll save people!!!’

What if we cheat the driver of a valuable lesson.
What if we got a few of the pieces wrong and we foresaw something which wasn’t going to happen.
What if our actions interfered with something that could have been fruitful. Successful!
What if we only delayed something from happening, and worse, made them forgo the ‘right’ time for that lesson to be learned.

Are there times when we cannot learn through others?
Sometimes, is it better to sit back and let things take their natural course?

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