Recently, I’ve started looking into which drinks are suitable for vegetarians and vegans again. I approached various companies and asked them to tell me, which drinks contain animal derivatives in the ingredients. However, I also asked them to share which ones use animal products in the process of making these drinks.

Why is there a need to ask about the ingredients and the process?

Unlike ingredients; processes don’t have to be declared! An example of this is, fruit juices being clarified using gelatine! The companies doing this, don’t have to tell us! However, I was chuffed with Britvic. They were quick to respond and they were transparent about both, the ingredients used and the processes too. Below you’ll find a screenshot of the drinks that are NOT suitable for vegetarians. This is followed by a list of drinks that are NOT suitable for vegans. Drinks from Britiv that are NOT suitable for vegetarians & vegans

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