Reading! Is it really important?

by Heena Modi on July 5, 2008

This quote was written by Alan Johnson in March 2007 when he was announcing the National Year of Reading. Alan Johnson is the Education Secretary in the department for children, schools and families.

Us teachers are dis-empowered and the positive effect that we can have on a child’s academic performance is limited when children are not helped at home. This academic performance can also boost a child’s self confidence. It has an impact on how they fit in, how they are perceived, how successful they feel etc.

Teachers are viewed in many ways. I myself, teach to improve children’s life chances so that they have a better choice when they grow up. More choices, in my eyes equals to more doors and less frustration.

So how important is reading to you? When do you need to read? When you are driving and reading signs. When you eat out. When you get post. When you receive emails. When you need to read a text. When you need to fill out a form. When you go shopping. I cannot begin to list all the areas of life where reading is vital.

Please empower your children. Your family members. And don’t stop there. If you’re an adult and you need to improve your reading skills. Go for it! Go on a course or seek help from others. I’m sure you’ll find it so helpful. 🙂

A final word

“One of the most important things a parents can do to boost the educational chances to their children is to read to them. Simple, yes – but in a busy world it doesn’t happen enough.

Thirty percent of parents don’t read regularly with their young children – a vital but missed opportunity to boost their child’s development.

We watch an average of four hours of television a day. If we read to our children for just a tenth of this every day, we’d give their chances a massive boost.”

– Alan Johnson, March 07, announcing the National Year of Reading

Children reading letters

Children reading letters

Reading and completing a form




Reading is…..

Reading is cool....

Road signs

Road signs



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