If you need a contractor of some sort, have a look at these reviews first

I know of so many people who complain that it’s hard to know whether to employ someone or not. Can be trusted? Is their work good? Do they take shortcuts? Do they clear up after themselves? Will they do it in one go or will they do it in dribs and drabs?

The ones we are familiar with or those who come recommended, are often in such great demand, that we can’t get an appointment with them. Thus we’re forced to try and find someone else.

But how do we choose?
Here’s some tips from me.

Butter vs Margarine

The rumours you may have heard saying “margarine is plastic, so eat butter” are not true at all! I’ve had that particular email so many times that I asked my friend Sagar to share some points about the difference between the two, which are accurate, rather than, fear mongering myths. Read more…

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