I received this information by email and have since had it confirmed by Pinner Police officers. So watch out! There’s more cameras about !

As and from the 15th February 08 all the Speed Cameras in the Variable Speed Limit section of the M25 near Heathrow Airport (JCT 10-15) are going Digital and the activation limit is being lowered.

They are currently the older film type cameras and Set at 90mph when the Variable Limit Signs are not in operation.

The new digital cameras are going to be set at the normal 10% 0f the speed limit + 2mph (80mph) when the signs are not in use i.e. national speed limit.

This means the national speed limit i.e. 70 mph plus 10% which is 7% plus another 2%. This makes a total of 79% and will be rounded to 80%! However, this is the internal speed of the camera which we cannot see. Thus it would be wise to drive at 70 mph or risk being fined & gaining points on your license.

Please pass this on to anyone you know.

I hope this saves a few of you getting points on your license!!!

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