Good Energy vs NPower Juice.

Who is really the greenest supplier?

This is what a member of staff from Good Energy wrote.

There are some big differences between Good Energy and npower Juice – the main one is that npower only supply a small % of their electricity from renewable sources, compared to our 100% (Source: Fuel Mix Stamp, 2005).

The majority of their electricity comes from gas and coal fired power stations which contribute to climate change (they also supply a large amount from nuclear power).

All electricity suppliers are required to provide details on how their electricity is generated and its associated environmental impact.

Good Energy is truly unique – we supply 100% renewable electricity unlike all other UK suppliers. To see our fuel mix stamp and compare it with npower, please go to

Good Energy demonstrates its 100% renewable status by commissioning an independent annual audit. This is voluntary and we are the only company that we know of that undertakes this activity.

power are owned by the German utilities giant RWE and are known as one of the largest investors in both fossil fuel & nuclear generation in Europe. According to the GOOD Shopping Guide 2006 less than 2% of npower’s power stations are renewable generators.

n terms of the environmental benefit of their tariff, the National Consumer Council found that “the supply element of Juice does not offer consumers any additional environmental benefits. Npower does not go further than its legal obligation under the Renewables Obligation supplying a total of just 5% of its total electricity supply from renewable sources.” (Source

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Claire Blyth
Domestic Sales & Retention Executive

Good Energy
100% renewable electricity

Good energy

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